Phone Tech Support Scammer Threatens to Kill Sceptical Mark

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Ten years ago, the most common internet-related scam was the infamous “419” confidence trick, e-mails promising vast wealth in exchange for a small investment. So infamous, in fact, that few people fall for it anymore. So, criminals had to evolve their approach, instead tricking their mark (or victim, to us) into thinking that they are getting a legitimate service for their money.

Thus was born the fraudulent technical support phone call, preying on people’s ignorance of computers to fool them into giving the tricksters unrestricted access to their computer. Thankfully, call victim Jakob Dulisse of British Columbia, Canada, wasn’t naive enough to fall for the fake tech support call he received, refusing them remote access to his PC to install malware and branding the caller a crook; the scammer didn’t take kindly to being called out.

“You do understand we have each and every information, your address, your phone number. We have our group in Canada. I will call them, I will provide your information to them, they will come to you, they will kill you,” the tech support scammer threatened.

Dulisse recorded the call two weeks ago, and the recording was picked up by CBC News:

Dulisse told CBS that he found the threats “chilling, but hard to take seriously.”

“He was still trying to get me to do what he was trying to do with my computer,” Dulisse said. “He was actually threatening me as a tactic.”

Source: Ars Technica

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2 Comments on Phone Tech Support Scammer Threatens to Kill Sceptical Mark

  • Avatar DABhand says:

    Best thing to say to them is “You are a hindu correct? What you are doing is against your religion, and karma will come back to you for you stealing from people.” They don’t install any malware, they do use 3rd party apps that are fine which keeps them sort of legal, however the lie in order to get your money so that negates that.

    But the hindu reference usually makes them get off the phone with you, and there is no point trying to keep them on the phone for longer, it doesn’t cost them anything to call you now since they are using Skype to do so.

  • Avatar Perfectjake says:

    Good way is to ask them what computer you have then say, I use linux not windows.

    I really want one of these people to call me so i can fuck about with them

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