Philips has Launched New Wireless Audio System

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Elegantly named the Fidelio E5, Phillips has once again shown its might in the home audio game.

This new release showcases high-definition wireless sound through easy NFC connectivity to your device, with one Phillips’ main goals being clutter control:

“Philips Fidelio E5 speaker system is the ideal solution for high-definition home cinema audio without the clutter of multiple wires and boxes” Hexus

Similarly to the Fidelio HTL9100 Soundbar, the E5 also has removable lids that act as independent speakers for a Lego-like setup. This functionality allows you to add and remove speakers at your will, changing your setup from a 2.1 to a 5.1 style system is done just adding or removing these detachable tops. Interested in knowing what size speakers are included?:

“Each tower features a 3″ full range driver plus a premium soft-dome tweeter while each of the detachable surround speakers has one 2.5″ full-range driver.” Hexus

The release has also highlighted the need for seamless transitions between different user setups:

“The E5 automatically detects when the satellite speaker is ‘docked’ and reconfigures the tower to work as single speaker while recharging the detachable units’ battery.”

This system isn’t only for your smart phone or tablet device as Phillips pointed out:

“With two HDMI inputs – replaying crystal clear Dolby Digital or DTS 5.1 or 7.1 sound from your TV, blu-ray or games console is incredibly simple. You can also enjoy music direct from a smart phone, tablet or laptop with aptX® and AAC quality Bluetooth streaming, and for the ultimate simplicity, the E5 is also equipped with NFC for simple one-tap pairing of devices.” Hexus

With all of this information in mind, there’s a large possibility that Phillips may walk away with more awards for their new product, much alike their previous Fidelio HTL9100 Soundbar – being awarded ‘What Hi-Fi?’s’ Product of the Year – Best Soundbar £400-£800 in 2013.

The Fidelio E5 is priced on release at £600 and found at Phillips’ online shop.


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