Philips BDM4065UC 40″ 4K Monitor Review

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Datacolor Spyder 5 Elite Testing

Using the Datacolor Spyder 5 Elite, we are able to consistently test the colour gamut, accuracy and uniformity, brightness levels and uniformity and contrast ratios.


From the testing, it is obvious that the stock colours are out of sync by a fairly large margin. Once the software has been calibrated to the best possible settings, the results are more impressive.

uncalibrated colour gamut

Uncalibrated Colour Gamut

calibrated color gamut

Calibrated Colour Gamut


When testing the accuracy of the colours, Delta-E is the overall score. With a Delta-E of 2.6 when uncalibrated, the accuracy is actually pretty good for a factory setting. However, once calibrated, Delta-E falls to 1.4 which is ideal for image editing.

PhilipsBDM4065UC - uncalibrated color accuracy

Uncalibrated Colour Accuracy

calibrated color accuracy

Calibrated Colour Accuracy


Colour uniformity is simple, you want the colours displayed across the entire screen to be the same. However, variations in pixels, connection qualities and image settings can vary the result massively. Even though both look remarkably similar, when calibrated, the screen performs very well with a lower average Delta-E.

uncalibrated color 100

Uncalibrated Colour Uniformity

calibrated 100 brightness color uniformity

Calibrated Colour Uniformity



Brightness is generally ignored to an extent. The rated brightness on this monitor is 300 cd/m2; however, in both calibrated and uncalibrated states the brightness does not exceed 210. It’s common for the maximum brightness rating to over the attainable, but >90 cd/m2 starts to raise eyebrows.

PhilipsBDM4065UC - uncalibrated brightness

Uncalibrated Brightness and Contrast levels

calibrated brightness

Calibrated Brightness and Contrast levels


Much like colour uniformity, brightness is ideal when it is the same across the entire screen. Also like the colour accuracy, this panel struggles to maintain a close average, but is vastly improved once calibrated.

uncalibrated luminance 100

Uncalibrated Brightness Uniformity

calibrated 100 brightness luminance uniformity

Calibrated Brightness Uniformity

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