Petition Launched To Prevent PC Version Of GTA V Appears On

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It seems not everyone wants Grand Theft Auto V to come to the PC, despite the fact the game is already selling via pre-order in the millions and is expected to make billions in profit for Rockstar, as well as providing one of this gaming generations biggest games.

The petition was set up on as someone tried to talk Rockstar out of the consideration of a PC release of the game “So PC gamers learn their lesson and stop stealing games.” Now while I believe that is a noble idea, it is also completely ridiculous as ANY steam user will tell you, we don’t all pirate our games!

Trevor Phillips and a small bunch of signatures (88 at time of writing) Vs The World then it seems, but what are you thoughts on this, do you think Rockstar should send a message to the pirates by slamming all PC gamers with a ban on the potential GTA V release? I know I don’t.

It is a shame that there is no PC release date, or announcement for this game and I’m not really surprised by that fact, since Rockstar had a lot of issues with piracy and GTA IV a few years ago. Lets hope they change their mind soon and that the PC release date is coming in the near future. Especially given that hundreds of thousands of supports signed the petition to bring the game to PC, not cancel it it, take that Trevor Phillips!

Grand Theft Auto V is released next week, on September 17th.

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12 Comments on Petition Launched To Prevent PC Version Of GTA V Appears On

  • Avatar Klimax says:

    Ignorant and likely even envious. BTW: Comments in there are hilarious…
    Must be contender for most nonsensical petition of the year. (Not longer period, because it is not that special)

  • Avatar markituh121 says:

    This was obviously made by kids. I can see by a few of the comments. For example “They don’t deserve the game on PC because i do not own a PC”

    I mean wtf?

    • Avatar Heatblizzard says:

      Kids in adult bodies or they could be Orcs disguised as humans. Wait. I think the smarter ones were Urks which rhymes with jerks.

  • ….

    PC’s are capable of doing anything when you want it too. There is already in the works of a PS3 and XBOX 360 emulator. Once they are complete, we can insert any disk (considering we have a CD/BLU-R DVD reader) or file format that works with either emulator to play any game.

  • Avatar Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic says:

    What Rockstar said is absolute horseshit, there are also pirates on the consoles that compromise multiplayer gameplay, just the same as PC pirates do, so accusing PC for having pirates is a sort of double standard: consoles might not have big pirates, but they still are out there. Besides that, it is of no doubt that the people buying the console game will not be over 18 like the box specifies that you should be, and also consoles became the new cash cow, Rockstar imposing EA-like tactics to milk the money out of the playerbase. Be it if they release it on PC or not, I couldn’t care less, shows how much they don’t care about how the very first instrument that makes game-making possible (the PC) is the one that has the most fingers pointed and and accusations slurred out.

    • Avatar Heatblizzard says:

      And yet millions of children die in abortions each year unreported except in alternate news sources and word of mouth from doctors yet you all scream for ice cream if Grand Theft Auto doesn’t get released the way you want it too?

      You all remind me of 7 year old children who throw a fit when Mommy and Daddy can’t afford to take you to see you’re favorite movie for the 3rd time at the theater. You know I think I am giving you kids far too much credit

      • Avatar Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic says:

        I could not think how impressively dumb some people can be on the Internet. First of all, I’m nowhere close to a 7 year-old, I work to get my own things, while I got disowned by my parents because I haven’t went to a university as they wanted few years back. I doubt you ever encountered a situation that comes even a mile close to mine. By criticising how millions of “kids” (which aren’t kids, they are foetuses, 2 completely different things), you sound exactly like those pro-life (aka anti-women) jackasses from ‘Murica. Besides, without abortion, where would the world population be now: 7.5bil? Worse? Stop talking out of your arse and think before you trash talk.

  • Avatar Hrc says:

    I dont know any “legit” console user in Croatia. Every console user I know plays only pirated games. Out of my 4 friends I alone have more original games for pc then they 4 combined together for their consoles.

  • Avatar Soldier says:

    Stupid and pointless because many people are already pirating the game on xbox 360 and ps3 before the release date. The only way to stop pirates isn’t by not making the game available for certain groups even tho most pc gamers that pirate most likely have pirated consoles as well. Only way to stop pirates is if the MPAA, RIAA, push hard for the government to ban torrents or atleast torrents with copy-righted Material. I’m sure there’s methods to block torrents but probably hasn’t passed in a bill yet but it will sooner or later.

  • Avatar Arthur Mandel says:

    Why would some idiot do this when there are more pirated copies of GTA V for xbx360, or PS3 ESPECIALLY , this is ridiculous….whomever did this needs to get a damn life, or is a supporter (money wise) a backer or has stock in ps or xbx. STOP THIS NONSENSE, GTA IV was the ultimate game for ppl to make mods for , and yes, they did buy it, maybe not every one but lots did so they could access steam mods and share them. This is BULLSHIIIIIIITTTTT!! I will never purchase a rockstar game again for xbx one/ps4 or anything in the future if this ruins our attempt at getting a full glory look at what GTA V is SUPPOSED to look like….*smh* wow….such nonsense we spend hours upon hours tweaking our systems for such releases, n then someone does this? gtfo n get a life stfu n go home…bubye

  • Avatar Heatblizzard says:

    I don’t support Grand Theft Auto at all but banning it from the PC will just INCREASE pirating not stop it and more anti privacy laws will be shoved down our throats by next summer. I can guarantee that would make SOPA look innocent.

  • Avatar XellDincht says:

    People who signed the petition with the piracy argument are retarded hypocrites. There are MANY sites with cracked console games (PS3 XBox 360, Wii U) I know somebody who has many pirated console games but he buys games on steam because they become cheap

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