Would You Pay Extra to Screen Movies on Release Day?

by - 4 years ago

Would You Pay Extra to Screen Movies on Release Day?

It’s a Tuesday, it’s been a long day at work, but a movie you’ve been waiting for has just released and you can’t wait to see it. You only have two options, go see the film or wait till you’ve had a calmer day. Soon you could be getting a third option of being able to screen movies on their release day!

Screening room is a new service designed to give you just that option. On release day, you can view a film at home that has just released in the cinema. Basically, it will become your own private cinema, but this luxury comes at a hefty cost.

Setting you back $150 just for the secure set top box that plugs into your TV or projector, the next increase in price comes per screening, setting you back another $50 per film. If that didn’t seem like a lot then be aware it only lasts for 48 hours, two days later you need to buy the film all over again if you want to watch it.

While this may seem like a weird business model, even the likes of Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson and J.J. Abrams all support the scheme and are shareholders in the new start-up project.

Would you pay extra to stream a movie at home? Do you feel like this would only help piracy or is the biggest hold back to modern films is the wait before they get into your home?

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5 Comments on Would You Pay Extra to Screen Movies on Release Day?

  • Avatar Joel Little says:

    Of course they’re all for it, that’s a hefty price. But what’s stopping people using auditoriums or similar places to screen it for dozens if not hundreds of people, thereby greatly reducing the cost per person as opposed to viewing it in the theatre? Just a cease and desist?

    • Avatar Predreus says:

      Not only that, what’s to prevent someone from making a perfect copy of the movie.

      • Avatar Karl Kütt says:

        i’m pretty sure each of these boxes imprints a “watermark” on the titles its showing, making it easy to track down the leak if it reaches the open market. I think that’s the only way they could convince studios for going with the scheme.

  • Avatar Simon Bottomley says:

    ive been saying this for years they just need to sort out the pricing structure and of course it will help reduce piracy in the long term i generally dont go to the cinema becuase it costs a small fortune to take the family

  • Avatar Matthew Pierson says:

    I wouldn’t mind being able to download movies before they are released in theaters 😉

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