Why Pay $10,000 When You Can Get Apple Watch Gold Plated for $399

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How do you annoy the product development team at Apple and your friends at the same time? Why you get your love/hated Apple Watch gold-plated of course! It’s no surprise that people are mocking the fact that Apple are selling a (from) $10,000 edition of their new smart watch, but you would have to be rich and quite a bit bonkers to pay the retail price for the  Apple Watch Edition and its rather garish (in my opinion) 18 karat rose gold finish.

Of course, there is a cheaper solution, one that could help you look like an idiot, be the envy of your friends and not put too big a dent in your bank balance, you can get your regular Apple Watch gold-plated for a fraction of the cost and no one will be any the wiser! Except yourself, you’ll know you’re a big fraud.


Watch Plate are offering the gold plating service for just $399, which isn’t cheap, but it’s a lot less than what Apple are asking. Just FedEX them your watch, it’ll come back with your choice of 24 karat rose gold or 24 karat yellow gold.

Alternatively, Golden Dreams will sell you a custom-made watch for $3,550 in 24 karat yellow gold, 18 karat rose gold or 18 karat white gold. They’ll even offer you a choice of 160 different colours of Alligator leather straps and hand engraving.

Of course, you still need to buy your own watch, but from the “cheaper” solution of Watch Plate to the more premium solution of Golden Dreams, they’re still a fraction of the cost of the barmy price Apple wants people to pay.

Thank you 9to5mac for providing us with this information.

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