Ozone Xenon Gaming Mouse Review

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Ozone are a relatively small brand when it comes to gaming peripherals and are often unknown to some gamers. We have seen some great products from them in the past like their multi platform headset and great budget mechanical keyboard, so they certainly know what they are doing and how to fit into the already crowded peripherals market. Today we get a chance to look at their latest product, the Xenon gaming mouse, so this will be a good opportunity to compare Ozone’s offering to other gaming mice on the market.

Gaming mice are one of the essentials when it comes to playing games, especially competitively, as they can mean the difference between being the hunter or the hunted. Gaming mice are currently split into three sections that are based on the sensor they have; optical – which tend to be more precise, laser – which have the sensitivity and speed and the few mice inbetween that have both (such as the Razer Taipan and EpicGear Meduza). Normally the high end mice have laser sensors, which offer great performance in terms of speed and sensitivity but can sometimes lack the precision and accuracy that optical sensors have. The Xenon features the latter, a 3500DPI optical sensor that could produce some great results.

Before we delve into the review, lets just take a quick look at the specs of the mouse:


  • Avago professional sensor
  • Acceleration up to 20g
  • Dpi 1000/2000/3000/3500


  • Anti-tangle braided cord
  • Gold Plated USB connection
  • 30% base made out of teflon


  • Three colors available
  • Rubber grips
  • Ambidextrous

So from looking at the specs we can see that the Xenon is lacking in features, however this means it could make a great budget mouse for those gamer who just want a pure and simple device.

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