Ozone Blast 4HX PC Gaming Headset Review

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Ozone are one of the most popular brands in PC gaming, offering a wide range of peripherals that have proven very popular with eSports gamers around the world. Ranging from mechanical keyboards to headsets, such as the Blast 4HX which we’ll be taking a look at today, they’ve got some very exciting hardware and I’m eager to see what their latest can do.

“BLAST 4HX was designed and meticulously fine tuned for both pc and console gamers. Quickly access important functions with easy and fast volume adjustments to both the headset and chat, you can even switch between pc and console mode. So whether you want to play on the PC or bust out your favorite games on the Console, all you need is BLAST 4HX.”

The Blast 4HX is certainly well equipped, offering support for PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles, giving you excellent value for money if you own multiple gaming devices. There are two powerful 44mm drivers, a good quality microphone, extra long cables and even some nice bonuses such as LED lighting. It’s certainly ticking all the right boxes, so let’s jump right in and take a closer look at what this headset has to offer.


The packaging is nicely designed, with a stylish image of the headset on the front, as well as a rundown of the supported devices and built-in features.


Around the back, ew have details of the in-line remote, as well as the general design of the headset.



A Closer Look

Wow, there’s a lot of cables here! The packaging method leaves a lot to be desired, with a cluster of cables being recklessly bundled together in the box.


Once separated, we can see that we actually have one 3-meter cable that is hard-wired to the headset. This cable features a built-in on-cable controller, as well as a 3.5mm jack and USB (power) header. The other cables which were bundled with it are RCA pass through and splitters, allowing the use of the headset on various consoles.


The in-line controller is a simple enough affair, with a switch on one side to toggle between game/PC modes, as well a volume wheel for the master volume, while the other side has a separate volume dial for the voice audio. On the top, you’ll find an indicator LED, as well as a slide toggle for the master microphone mute.


First impressions of the headset are pretty promising, we’ve got some really nicely finished matte plastics, with a stylish chrome highlight; it looks stylish without being as garish as some of the gaming headsets we’ve seen in the past from various brands. There’s a fixed boom microphone, with a flexible midsection, which can be folded up out of the way when not in use.


The durable headband is reinforced with a metal strip, which can be length adjusted for a better fit.


The ear cups are locked firmly in place, but the drivers and ear cup padding are mounted on a small pivot, allowing for a much better fit. I also like that the back of the padding is treated with some red highlights, adding a little visual flair to the design. The drivers pack a decent punch despite the fact they look a little compact, there’s no thumping bass here though, so those who like that thundering boosted sound may want to look elsewhere, but those who play competitive games will like the clear and balanced sound, as it makes it easy to pick out enemy footsteps in FPS titles, while allowing for clear and natural team-chat audio, something that’s further enhanced with the separate volume controls for game and chat audio.


The top of the headband has a leather finish, with a glossy BLAST logo over the top, which manages to look subtle despite being in huge capital letters.


The ear cups are an over the ear design, although the look quite small, but there’s a good amount of soft padding with a leather cover for a closer fit. They’re certainly comfortable to wear while gaming and the leather padding does a great job of blocking out external noises while also preventing a lot of sound leaking from the headset its self. Listening to movies and music is pretty great overall, although doesn’t match the performance of similar priced dedicated headphones, it’s certainly in gaming that this headset shines the most and if all you want is a focused gaming headset, it’s certainly a tempting option.


Each ear cup can be folded inwards for easy storage, but looks very firmly into place when you need to use them.


Once folded, the headset is much smaller, making it easier to transport or store in your backpack.


There’s a good range of adjustment to the microphone, allowing you to find an optimal speaking position. The microphone is bright and clear, giving quality that’s not only good enough for chatting in-game, versatile for Skype and day-to-day use too. I found the headset worked just as well on PC as it did on consoles, which is promising. The only downside here is that the cables are quite long and tend to get a little tangled, but the extra long length means it’s perfect for console use, as you can sit back on your couch without having to worry about the reach.


There’s also a small red LED on the end, not that you’ll see the light while wearing it, but it still looks cool. The flexible boom doesn’t really offer much adjustment, but if you were to catch the boom with your arm, it’s very unlikely it’ll take damage, which is a welcome feature.


The in-line controller also has an LED, which indicates if the microphone is active or muted.



Final Thoughts

The Ozone Blast 4HX is available from most major retailers for a little under £60, which is about where I expected it to be. Are there better sounding headsets for the same money? Yes, but not when you factor in the multiformat support. If you want a single PC, Xbox or a PlayStation headset, you’ll do well from Kingston, Turtle Beach and many others, offering on-par or better performance than the 4HX. However, if you game on multiple formats, the 4HX is incredible value for money, as you can switch between devices with it, without the burden of having to purchase multiple devices.


Gaming is big business these days, as if you hadn’t noticed! While the right headset isn’t likely to make you a (much) better gamer, having the right peripherals can really help you get the most out of your digital experiences. The Ozone 4HX has a lot to offer to a wide range of gamers, especially since it’s multi-format ready, giving you all the cables and connectors that you need to enjoy it on Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Of course, it’s a little cumbersome at times to switch between formats, but that’s a small sacrifice to pay at this price range.

Build quality is fairly average for this price range, nothing great, but nothing particularly bad either. What does really stand out is that the choice of materials on the headset itself are quite nice, giving it a durable look and feel that should survive more than a few knocks and bumps. Unfortunately, the in-line controller does feel a little cheap and the cables are a little thin around where they pass through it, so some care may need to be taken not to drag that around too much. Then again, taking care of your things is always a good motto to go by anyway, but accidents do happen.

The driver performance is quite flat, with a little bit of cut on the bass, those who expect booming bass will be a little disappointed, but given that many (if not all) games these days seem to boost their bass levels to the point of distortion (I’m looking at you Battlefield), you’ll find it does well to balance out the mix. This means you can hear your enemies creeping up on you, rather than the ambient booms of the battlefield.

Overall, it’s a decent headset that manages to pack a lot of features into a very reasonable price point. If you’re only gaming on PC, or one particular console, it may not be the best option for your budget, but for those who like their gaming in multiple flavours, it’s a bit of a bargain.


  • Multi-format
  • All adaptor cables included
  • In-line controller
  • Clear sound
  • Great for gaming
  • Good price


  • In-line controller feels a little hollow
  • Cables prone to tangle (due to long length)

“Picking the right headset is never easy, but thanks to its multi-format support, the 4HX ticks a lot of boxes for those who game on multiple device”

Ozone Blast 4HX PC Gaming Headset Review

Ozone Blast 4HX PC Gaming Headset Review

Thank you Ozone for providing us with this sample.

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