One Great Feature Of PlayStation 4 Most People Overlook

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Many PlayStation 4 owners will no doubt already be using this feature, many will already know about it in general and some may have heard it as a rumour earlier in the year. Heck, even Shuhei Yoshida confirmed that you can do it a few weeks back, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t met a bunch of people who didn’t have a clue!

The DualShock 4 is a featured packed little beast, with a touch panel, light bar and motion control tech, a small microphone, a built in speaker and more, but the best part of all has to be the headphone jack.

Not only can you use this headphone jack for your bundled PlayStation chat headset, but you can plug in any pair of 3.5mm headphones that you own. This means that you can use your favourite headphones while gaming and this only gets better if you own one that features a 4-pole connection and a microphone, because you can even use it for in-game chat.

Most headsets have 4-pole connections these days, pretty much any mobile phone headset with a 3.5mm jack will work, for me personally I can use my MadCatz F.R.E.Q.7 and detachable microphone right from the controller.

The PlayStation 4 can stream game audio and chat direct to the controller, meaning you no longer have to worry about wireless headphones with a custom send/receive unit.

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3 Comments on One Great Feature Of PlayStation 4 Most People Overlook

  • Zetsumei Ikari says:

    That is kinda cool, its nice not to be locked down to proprietary accessories. You could still plug in a headset with two jacks with an adapter for a few quid

  • Brendan Forkner says:

    man, dont care so much about the ps4 controller, i just want those monster inspirations! <3

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