One for the Ladies – Wireless Finger Nails with Colour Changing Displays

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It may only be the start of the weekend, but here is something that to me sounds so unbelievable, you might even think its an April fools. If the headline doesn’t give it away, what we are looking at are images of a new concept that involves nail tips that contain a wireless receiver, battery and display – yep, that’s right, technology is coming to your finger tips – quite literally.

As crazy as this sounds, for any of the ladies out there that feel like they need to have their nails match their outfit each day, this latest concept will allow them to do just that.

Each finger nail tip connects to your smartphone through a wireless transmitter and through an app you can change the pattern or colour that is being displayed.

Obviously powering these tiny screens is going to be an issue, but this has already been thought of. Each night the set of nails are removed and then placed on a wireless charger – similar to those used for smartphones I guess and the following morning the nails hold enough charge to last the day.


Whilst this seems to be a crazy idea, the concept, known as ‘Bloom your nails’ has won an Intel design contest for technology involving ‘wearable computers’. In addition to being able to display colours and patterns, Gin Lee – the mind behind the concept, states that users will even have the ability to upload their designs to a type of shop where other user can purchase their ideas.

Whether or not this will ever materialise is another question, but rest assured there are probably be enough people who would take hold of the product if it ever came to production.

Source and images courtesy of The Daily Mail.

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