Official Battlefield 4 PC System Requirements Revealed, Can You Run It?

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Battlefield 4 is on the horizon, it’s so close now I can almost taste it! Now EA are teasing us even further by publishing the official game requirements, so now is the perfect time to make sure you’re up to the challenge of running the game, so lets take a look.

As you can see from the settings below the minimum is incredibly low, this is likely to do with the “console base level” that is set by 7 years + hardware used on the Xbox and PlayStation editions of the game, personally I’m still impressed that the 8800 range still has the guts to play games these days, but it was one of the greatest graphics cards ever created (for its time of course).

Of course “minimum” is such a vague and non helpful term, sure you can play on this hardware, but expect everything to look like crud, low res, nothing fancy and even still you could expect low frame rates and bottlenecks to be commonplace throughout, at least that’s my estimate. Recommended is a loose term also, while the specs given will run the game nicely I bet you’ll want a good bit more to push this up to higher resolution, with effects, anti aliasing, filtering and even more power needed for 3D and / or multiple displays. I would perceive the world “recommended” as more of a “happy medium”.

The GTX 660 and 7870 are great cards for the money, but they are mid market cards at best. A Phenom or FX-6xxx AMD CPU or Sandy Bridge Intel CPU wouldn’t set you back too much either and this is all pretty common hardware for your average PC gamer these days, so again, these all sound like modest estimates at best, especially given the lack of CPU clock speed requirements as this will massively effect the overall FPS you attain.

Battlefield 4 will be launching on October 29th this year and it would be a perfect game to upgrade your system for, are you ready for Battlefield 4? Let us know what setup you have in the comments section below.


Thank you Battlefield 4 Facebook for providing us with this information.

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