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While many reacted badly to Facebook buying up Oculus VR earlier this week, both companies could do with some good news, and now it looks like they have it. Plucked from the ripe tree that is Valve, home of lord Gaben, Oculus VR have bagged themselves a new Chief Scientist in the form of Michael Abrash.

Abrash has a rich history in the gaming world, having worked with everything from id Software to the Xbox, but most importantly he was a key figure behind the research and technologies for Valve’s VR headset, giving him key experience that can help Oculus take things to the next level.

Oculus VR now have a considerable cash flow at their disposal, they can throw money at problems to get the staff and research they need to make a great product. Sure it’s at risk of Zuckerberg making a Farmville game for it, but as long as the company is retaining its ability to act independently and makes sure moves such as securing key industry experts to improve its development, then it should still be an awesome bit of hardware.

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1 Comment on Oculus VR Snap Up Valves Michael Abrash

  • Lord_Shade says:

    zuckerberg won’t make a farmville game for it… he’ll make it available for zynga to do that 🙂
    there’s a difference =)

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