Oculus Rift Gets Mac Support

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Oculus Rift support has arrived for Mac OS X.

Oculus released new hardware in July this year and with it they released a new software developers kit (SDK). Now that SDK has been upgraded from 0.4.0 to SDK 0.4.1. Included in this update is the support for Mac OS X along with Oculus Runtime and Unity Tuscany demos.

Also included in 0.4.1 are some hotfixes including making the new headset more compatible with AMD processors and older versions of SDK and also a patch for the Unreal Engine 4 so that it can be used with the 0.4 SDK.

This is all good news as it shows development is continuing despite Facebook taking ownership. Facebook did say they didn’t want anything to change much when they acquired Oculus and so far they seem to have stuck to the promise. Hopefully the dissapointment most people felt when the acquisition went ahead was in vein and they will just help to fund mainstream the devices and not ruin them.

Although the Mac support has now been released there is still no update that allows Linux support. Hopefully this will be in the works as there have been many requests from developers for the support.

There is also no word on an official release date, but game developers are working hard to make sure that there are plenty of options when the devices are launched.

Thanks to Tech Radar for supplying us with this information.

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