Noontec Zoro Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review

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Final Thoughts


What we have here is a pair of headphones that offer a blend of characteristics from more expensive headphones that will leave you wondering how they can be priced at the £40 mark. If you are in the market for an affordable set of headphones like the Zoro, you’ll find them stocked at CCL Online where you’ll find black, red or for a bit more money the more desirable white.


I’ve had a lot of fun spending time with the Noontec Zoro. These headphones offer wireless freedom with several hours of listening in a professional looking and feeling package. I’ve pointed out a few gripes but realistically, for the asking price, I don’t think you can get better for  headphones in this class which have this kind of seamless performance.

Wireless is definitely the future, we are now living in a time where wires just get in the way of our lives and it’s nice knowing that products such as this exist and they work so well out of the box and on that merit alone I would happily recommend the Zoro to anyone who wants good quality headphones for mixed usage. It would not be unreasonable to include gaming in that as well since I found no perceivable delay between onscreen actions.


  • Excellent bass response on low frequencies. Not boomy but tight and detailed. It gets even better if you fine tune your tone controls on your music player.
  • Treble is detailed and not tinny like many headphones in this price range, I have no complaints here.
  • High attention to detail on quality of materials and placement of controls on each ear cup.
  • Seamless Bluetooth connectivity and performance. I could not tell the difference on CD/FLAC music played between wired or wireless.


  • The mids are a little distant but this seems to be quite common for closed back headphones in this price bracket.
  • Soundstage is quite central instead of being spacial. This is a personal on the most part but many people complain about fatigue after long periods of use with headphones that don’t have a wider soundstage.
  • The cable only plugs into one ear cup, the other cup has the USB port for charging.
  • The power/connect button is a single button. To turn the headphones off you need to hold the button for several seconds which felt too long to me. Having the power as a switch on its own would have been more logical.

“I think Noontec have a winner here with the Zoro sitting alongside 4 other headphones and 1 earphone in their product range. What we have here is a wireless headphone that not only delivers crisp and detailed sound but also the build quality and battery life to back it up at a price point that’s very appealing.”

Noontec Zoro Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review

Thanks to Noontec for providing us with this review sample.

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3 Comments on Noontec Zoro Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review

  • Thanks, Robbie. I just received these as a gift, a replacement for my Creative WP-300, which no longer hold a battery charge after just 4 months of low usage. Grr. My take: These Zoro are certainly a better fit for my small ears. And there’s no denying that the “fashion” factor is higher. (That’s not something I care about; the Creative set are more modest and I prefer that.) What does surprise, however, is the poor Bluetooth range of the Zoro. My Creatives would remain connected to my laptop across two rooms and two floors. No big deal for me, since the main purpose for me is when I am sitting in front of my tinny-sounding laptop or for the gym. But other buyers may want to keep that in mind.

    We gift receivers, however, remain pleased, of course! Thanks for the in-depth introduction to them.

    • Avatar Robbie Khan says:

      Only just picked this up Tammi sorry!
      That’s a shame about the battery, if it’s under warranty (which it should be!) you could get it sent in for a replacement as a few months is far too short a time for the battery to be going!

      I found the wireless range to be good in testing though so it does sound like the one you received could well have been faulty which does happen sometimes unfortunately 🙁

      The pair from my review are still being used to this day!

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