Noontec Zoro Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review

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A Closer Look

When I had the headphones in my hand a mix of things ran through my mind. At first I was surprised, they actually felt very good. The glossy plastic felt high quality, the whole thing didn’t feel cheap and lightweight but was nicely balanced.


The headband adjustment had the right about of friction so as not to lose your size setting when simply carrying or hanging around a neck, the supplied cable was not only gorgeous to look at but felt like it would last.


The earpads are well padded with surface material offering anti allergy properties and the finish is nice on the side although there’s no escaping fingerprints and smudges on the glossy plastic finishing.


The brushed aluminium touches on the headband extenders and earcup backs are a nice touch, adds a bit of class and smartens up the otherwise all plastic and glossy finishing elsewhere. There is a but, though, the glossy plastic outer bits are fingerprint magnets. The above photo shows just how finger marks and smudges show up only after a few minutes of handling the Zoro. Thankfully it’s easy to wipe away but still looks a bit of a mess especially if wearing outdoors. The headband padding is soft like silicone but not sticky or rubbery like bare silicone, it is comfortable and almost feels like memory foam, this will definitely increase long term use comfort levels.


The left ear cup has a blue LED which blinks when connecting and stays static once connected. Let’s also look at how compact the headphones are when folded.


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3 Comments on Noontec Zoro Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review

  • Thanks, Robbie. I just received these as a gift, a replacement for my Creative WP-300, which no longer hold a battery charge after just 4 months of low usage. Grr. My take: These Zoro are certainly a better fit for my small ears. And there’s no denying that the “fashion” factor is higher. (That’s not something I care about; the Creative set are more modest and I prefer that.) What does surprise, however, is the poor Bluetooth range of the Zoro. My Creatives would remain connected to my laptop across two rooms and two floors. No big deal for me, since the main purpose for me is when I am sitting in front of my tinny-sounding laptop or for the gym. But other buyers may want to keep that in mind.

    We gift receivers, however, remain pleased, of course! Thanks for the in-depth introduction to them.

    • Avatar Robbie Khan says:

      Only just picked this up Tammi sorry!
      That’s a shame about the battery, if it’s under warranty (which it should be!) you could get it sent in for a replacement as a few months is far too short a time for the battery to be going!

      I found the wireless range to be good in testing though so it does sound like the one you received could well have been faulty which does happen sometimes unfortunately 🙁

      The pair from my review are still being used to this day!

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