Nokia Guru To Be An iPod Shuffle Competitor

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Nokia is known for cool accessories, and the new batch of phones and tablets about to be unveiled soon from the Finns is likely to be no exception. A new gadget called Nokia Guru has appeared, and it has every bearing of a music-related accessory.

The matchbox-like cyan Guru in the picture has a volume rocker and a play button, as well as a pair of in-ear headphones matching its color. There is a microUSB port in there as well, suggesting the device might carry its own battery and/or storage. There is an NFC tag, and some are suggesting it is Bluetooth equipped, too, so what exactly is the goal here, remains to be seen.

It could be a player and a Bluetooth headset in one to help keep the huge Lumia 1520 in your pocket. And if it is, Nokia’s first phablet could have a cyan version. Who knows? We’ve also heard that the new Lumia 525 about to be shown will be a music-centric phone, so the Guru could be meant for it. All is likely to be revealed sooner than expected, more specifically when Nokia World is taking place, so let’s hope for something amazing.

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7 Comments on Nokia Guru To Be An iPod Shuffle Competitor

  • Avatar James Armstrong says:

    I can already say that this will not be a product I will buy, ever.

    • Avatar Matthew Humpherson says:

      Same here, I never liked the idea of a media device that doesn’t have a screen to control it; voice commands are so unreliable.

      • Avatar James Armstrong says:

        Yeah, as I found out with the Kinect device, voice commands are rather pointless and unreliable. I’m happy with my Galaxy S4 and feel it was a good enough investment as a media device as well as a phone.
        I’d recommend anyone to get something like an iPod Touch 8GB+ if they wanted some sort of ‘MP3 player’.

      • Avatar Skidmarks says:

        If it’s ‘only’ a mp3 player (which it sure looks to me) why would you need a screen? It only tells you the title/artist which you should already know if you recorded the tracks. That said I can’t see a shuffle button but it could be on the side we can’t see. It reminds me of those budget mp3 players in which you have to insert a micro SD card but I could be wrong.

        • Avatar Fred Enders Jr. says:

          Maybe you want to select a specific song out of 500. Having a screen lets you do that. Maybe you want to adjust the equalizer settings. Having a screen lets you do that.

          I find that a screen allows for a more detailed user interface and not everyone wants that, that’s okay. That’s why the iPod Shuffle sells. It would seem that Matthew would fall into the first category and you, Skid, would fall into the later.

          It’s fine, it is no moral dilemma. I almost regret spending this much time typing away at a comment that may never be read. Alas, i-type.

          • Avatar Skidmarks says:

            Lol. I read it and you do have valid points, it all depends on how much your willing to spend on an mp3 player but somehow I highly doubt that Nokia’s effort here is just a mp3 player.

  • Avatar Jackson says:

    with the bluetooth and nfc maybe you could share music or get in a group and all swap songs

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