Nexus 5 To Require Software Update During Setup

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Having a look at the internal document from LG, who are manufacturing the Nexus 5, a software update will be required to run the device after you take it out of the box. This will be installed during the set-up procedure and you will not be able to complete the set-up and use the phone without this update.


It would seem that Google finalised the hardware and initial manufacturing runs of the Nexus 5 some time ago in order to avoid the shortfall in stock that plagued the launch of the Nexus 4 last year. Due to this, the current first batches are not installed with the final Android 4.4 KitKat release. You will not be able to skip through the set-up process without having first connected to either a data / Wi-Fi connection and installed this update.


Also be aware that the update will be around 374.5MB. The final download size however will be smaller, depending on region and software pre-installed on the handset. Clove UK stock for example had a download size of 139.3 MB.

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2 Comments on Nexus 5 To Require Software Update During Setup

  • Avatar Skidmarks says:

    Damn! Why can’t anything go smoothly? Why do I need to to take strain & download a couple of exabytes of fixes & updates because these chumps can’t plan anything properly?

  • Avatar commiczar says:

    if you buy computer games you’ll know all about this. cant remember the last game I bought that didn’t have at least two updates to download and install before any playtime at all

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