Next Halo Game Now Officially Called Halo 5

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Microsoft had a real tough time when they revealed the Xbox One, yet for all its original issues the console does seem to be shaping up rather nicely, consumers seem to be flocking in the hundreds of thousands for pre-orders and while people may still have their doubts about Microsoft, this is already one of the most successful console launches in gaming history (so far).

Yet when I saw the Microsoft briefing, there was one thing and one thing only that I wanted to see, Halo 5. Today we see that Microsoft have pulled the E3 video which simply said “Halo” and added a new title sequence that reads “Halo 5”, making this the first time 343i and Microsoft have mentioned the game and its title, as the series is known for its spin-off games such as Reach and ODST this now confirms where their next game fits into the series.

Of course there is no release date yet, but the name being outed is just in time for the Halo Global Championship, a good time for the reveal and we expect Microsoft to begin teasing more of the game very shortly. Keep in mind that both Reach and Halo 4 were played extensively in MLG and other tournaments before they made it to retail and we could see something similar later this year.

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1 Comment on Next Halo Game Now Officially Called Halo 5

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    They must’ve spent countless sleepless nights & a ton of cash hiring creative geniuses to come up with original title like that.

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