GTX 980 Ti or GTX Titan Incoming?

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The Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 and 970 have barely arrived and the dust hasn’t even settled yet. That doesn’t hold anyone back though and we’re getting new leaks on the next generation of cards, or rather just the GPU so far.

A Czech IT publication got their hands on images and information on the new GM200 chips. If the normal schedule holds up, we can expect cards with this GPU in about 2 months time. These are rumours and unconfirmed information, but the site has been accurate in their predictions and leaks about the GTX 980 and 970, as well as many other products.

The future graphics card equipped with the Gm204 GM200 chip might be named GTX 980 Ti, or it could be a possible new GTX Titan. The GM200 has a die size of 551 mm² and is still built on the 28 nm technology. It is said to have 20-22 SMM’s and 2560-2816 CUDA cores. The memory bus runs on a 384-bit interface and the amount should be increased to 6 GB.

Allegedly the new GPU can perform 50% higher than the current GTX Titan Black and double that of the 780 Ti. All of this while consuming less power. The two mentioned cards use about 250 watts each, where the new cards are speculated to use just 200 watts, or possibly even less. That isn’t much for that kind of power.

According to the rumours, the core is done and test samples have been sent to customers. The source also revealed a dual-core flagship GTX 990 using GM204 cores, something that I’m sure will get consumers excited in many. The possible launch time is mentioned as December, which would fit well into the normal schedule from tape-out to finished product. Merry Gaming Christmas indeed. Or could this indeed be scheduled for CES 2015 in January?

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3 Comments on GTX 980 Ti or GTX Titan Incoming?

  • Avatar jh1289 says:

    Why not?

    • Avatar Soldier says:

      Makes no sense to release them before AMD releases their chips. That is why. Who ever wrote this article obviously doens’t know how the graphics card industry works. Nvidia is the dominate company they are because they make smart business decisions. They will release the gtx 980 ti(whatever they call it) and gtx titan x aka gtx 990 a month or so after Amd releases their gpus. They’ll also give more information out about these gpus to garner interests into them so Amd continues to die off. I like competition in gpus, however AMD is ran so poorly that I see Nvidia eventually owning the industry entirely.

      • Avatar ChrisFragger says:

        Question. Should I get a gtx980 ti when it comes out, or should I just wait for the new chipset? Will it require a new interface? Like will I have to upgrade my entire PC based around this video card?

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