Next Gears of War Game Will Stay True to Its Roots

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Ok I’ll admit, I have never played a Gears of War game and I don’t really want to, just isn’t my thing but according to friends, it’s not that bad, not great but not bad. Anyway, Rod Fergusson, a producer at Black Tusk studios, has said the next game in the series will stay true to the essence of the series.

Fergusson said this in a recent interview with Polygon:

“With Black Tusk, we have to show that we have a legitimate claim to this IP and be able to show we know how to do it right before we do it differently,” “There are some things that even though people try to copy us, we don’t think they’ve nailed. I think the cover system, there’s a feel to a Gears of War game that I’ve yet to find in another game where it feels the same. Whether it’s the fluidity, the weight, the heaviness to the characters, the way that it feels like to be in cover, the roadie run character, those sorts of things.”

He didn’t give any clues as to where and when the game might take place but he did mention that there are gaps in the timelines of previous games in the series, so maybe it’ll be set in between games, who knows.

“There’s lots of stuff, backstory from the E Day, Pendulum Wars all the way to Gears 3, there’s a lot of room in there,” he said. “But I don’t know if that’s the place to go. I think there are lots of other places to go as well.”

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