New Satellite Technology To Brings Faster Internet To Trains, Boats & Planes

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Ofcom have just approved the use of a new satellite technology, the use of the so-called Earth Stations will provide moving vehicles with much faster internet connections than is currently available by current methods. This is of course a great thing in the modern world as we demand better connection speeds to meet our internet hungry devices needs.

The new devices will connect to a geostationary satellite that orbits above the equator, while newer antennas capable of maintaining a stable pointing accuracy will allow the satellite to be tracked closely, even by a fast-moving vehicle, which will allow reliable internet connections on the move.

The speeds could easily clock 50Mbps to each Earth station, something they expect will translate to over 10Mbps for individual passengers. Trains will be exempt from needed a spectrum licence for the new transmissions, although it’s said that planes or ships will need to be licensed by Ofcom due to their ability to cross countries.

The service could be in place in the UK on Trains by this summer, but it may take a little longer for certification on other modes of transport.

Are you looking forward to a faster internet service while travelling, or do you think that current 3G and 4G offerings are enough?

Thank you BBC for providing us with this information.

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