New Cryengine Powered RPG “Kingdom Come Deliverance” Screenshots Revealed

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Screenshot 2013-12-23 09.21.42

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is quickly shaping up to be one of the hottest RPG’s on the horizon. Promising a full open world action-adventure, with role-playing and blockbuster production values, a non-linear story and “revolutionary first-person melee combat”, something that should play well with the games focus on reality, not fantasy as is often found in the world of RPG gaming.


The game isn’t due to be released until 2015, which in my mind is practically forever! Yet with the release date still so far off, we can help but pour over the screenshots. The game is built using the powerful Cryengine game engine, which as you may know comes from Crytek, the creators of graphical power house Crysis.


The game engine rarely disappoints and this teaser shot is just a taste of what is to come from Warhorse Studios.


Thank you Warhorse for providing us with this information.

Images courtesy of Warhorse.

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3 Comments on New Cryengine Powered RPG “Kingdom Come Deliverance” Screenshots Revealed

  • Avatar Matthew Humpherson says:

    The textures on the man’s shirt in the last photo look rather meh but then I guess its not due for release for another 2 years 😛 It sounds like a really nice idea though cant wait 😀

  • Avatar Skidmarks says:

    I’m sure that by time it gets released a lot will have changed but being a RPG title I really don’t care what they do with it.

  • Avatar Matthew Beckett says:

    And the asset files alone will be about 200GB

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