New Anti-Drone Drone Developed to Combat Nosy Pilots

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As much as drones are really freaking awesome, they are also incredibly problematic for those who wish to keep their airspace clear of nosy drone enthusiasts looking to get a peek over the proverbial garden fence.

But when that garden fence turns into a government building or key landmark, things can get a tad more serious, which has certainly been the case recently in France with anonymous drone pilots causing concern for the authorities by piloting the popular flying machines around some key landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the US Embassy and even a nuclear power plant. Whether the acts are intended for criminal purpose or not, these happenings have led to the creation of an anti-drone drone, which is capable of tracking down the troublesome drones and ultimately locating their pilot, alerting the unwanted presence to the authorities.

Built by the French firm ECA, the craft is able to locate a drone’s pilot in under a minute with a range of up to 700 metres before taking a nice mug shot of the malicious perpetrator and making the work of the police all that much easier.

Although ECA refuses to reveal how the drone can perform such an advanced task, the French government seem to vouch for it after being “fully satisfied” after just two test runs.

Hopefully, this new technology will soon be readily available to all who are in demand of such an impressive bit of kit and perhaps it will make policing drone control a much simpler task.

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