‘Nerd Power’ Could Soon Be Heating Your Home!

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Most things generate waste energy, be it your fridge or even you as a human being. Very few things convert energy to something you want with minimal waste, this is true of computers as well. Computers generate a lot of heat, the more advanced and larger the computer the more heat it generates. This is why Server Farms are housed in giant buildings with cooling systems and air condition pushing the temperature down as to avoid any damage to the servers. Nerdalize, a dutch start-up, however, has a different solution, instead of cooling computers, use computers to warm your house.

Computers are used every day for everything from controlling the traffic lights down your road to checking out the latest tech news at eTeknix. Jerry Van Waardhuizen has a new about how to use these everyday machines to replace another, his aim is to use a small white box containing a computer to replace the large white radiators that typically warm your home.

The small white boxes contain a computer and only requires a fibre optic connection within the home to be installed, once installed the silent running computer inside can do everything from help calculate which genes are related to what illnesses to helping someone find their family member on Facebook.

While Nerdalize admit that the system takes a little longer to heat up on average (taking roughly an hour) and that you may require two in larger rooms the offside is that after the initial set up free the heating it provides is completely free. When the radiator function is turned off the server inside the box continues to operate, but the heat it provides is simply pushed outside.

With the cost being about £290-360 per setup, and requiring a fibre optic connection, the project may not be for everyone. With unlimited heating, no additional carbon footprint from heating water and pushing it through pipes, a lot of people are being attracted to it.

Would you be interested in getting free heating from life by helping someone solve some calculations on the other side of the world? If so check out Nerdalize’s video below,

Thank you BBC for the information.

Image courtesy of Nerdalize.

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2 Comments on ‘Nerd Power’ Could Soon Be Heating Your Home!

  • Jeff Ward says:

    Meh.. I could just build my own home server that puts out even more heat, and actually get my own use out of it.

    • David Attwood says:

      and pay for your own electricity to run it (it’s tied to a power company so that’s why it’s free to run)

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