Mysterious Countdown Appears on Black Mesa Website

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Something interesting is on its way, or at least we hope there is, from the Black Mesa website. Could this be an upcoming trailer for some as yet unreleased content, or perhaps the team are planning to release some content? We don’t know, but we’re certainly excited to see what it could be.

The time on the site is counting down, so we expect all eyes will be on the site when it hits its final time and date:

05/05/15 8:47:00 GMT-6.

I’m guessing it will be a new trailer, as it would be silly to release content prior to this, it’s PR 101. No doubt a trailer will come with a release date and we hope that not too long after that, we will see Black Mesa’s second part getting released.

When Black Mesa released, it was a gaming sensation, bringing Half-Life up to date with improved graphics, but it was incomplete and the Half-Life Xen mission was missing. Will this reveal be for that missing content, or will we see something else altogether? That much remains to be seen, but it should be pretty awesome regardless.

Have you played Black Mesa yet? It’s pretty awesome and it’s certainly a great way to kill a few millennia until the seemingly never happening release of Half-Life 3.

Thank you DSO for providing us with this information.

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1 Comment on Mysterious Countdown Appears on Black Mesa Website

  • Avatar DABhand says:

    Says 03 03 10 for me. 3 days 3hrs and 10 mins, I know its that format the last number dropped to 09 1 min later, and I waited another min and it dropped to 8.

    What it will be I have no idea, maybe an updated HL Blue shift?

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