Mushkin Blackline Ridgeback DDR4 2400MHz 16GB Memory Kit Review

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Performance Benchmarks


At stock values, the memory manages an excellent Cinebench multi-core processing score and competes remarkably well against quad channel configurations.

cine stock

Once overclocked, the 2780MHz frequency increases the memory’s performance by a noticeable margin. While it doesn’t fare as well as the top dual channel kit, the difference isn’t substantial enough to affect typical usage scenarios.

cine oc



In terms of memory bandwidth, the results can look a little worrying but this is because the majority of review samples adopt a quad channel setup. As you can see, the memory outperformed its closest rival with an identical frequency in write and copy tests although it reported a slightly worse read score.

aida stock

The maximum overclock contains a 14MHz deficit compared to the Ballistix Sport LT which results in a lower memory bandwidth. As I initially anticipated, the similar overclocking headroom between these products means the results are extremely similar.

aida oc

When it comes to latency, the memory’s CAS15 stock performance is good and remains within an acceptable distance of the top-tier results.

mem lat stock

Even when overclocked, there isn’t a major impact to memory latency as the final figure was achieved at default timings.

lat oc

SiSoft Sandra

Here we can see the memory performs quite well and posts better a better Aggregate score than the Ballistix Sport LT. Once again, the numbers are exceptionally close and could yield a different order with numerous runs.

sand stock

Despite using a slower memory speed, the kit managed to beat its nearest competitor in Aggregate testing. Admittedly, the gap is inconsequential and within an expected margin of error.

sand oc


The Blackline Ridgeback completed the Pi calculation in an impressive time and wasn’t too far off achieving a score under 4 seconds.

pi stock

The overclock really helps matters and reduces the compute time to 3.907 seconds. While this still doesn’t beat the Ballistix Sport LT, it’s an excellent result which deserves recognition.

pi oc

3DMark Fire Strike

The memory’s stock XMP profile managed to achieve a fairly average 3DMark Physics score. Despite this, the DIMMs didn’t stray too far from the mid-table figures, and the result makes sense when you consider the 2400MHz dual channel configuration. Saying that, it did fall behind the Ballistix Sport LT and could have done better to close the gap.

3dmark stock

In a rather surprising turn of events, the manual overclock catapults the memory into first position with a staggering Physics score of 17870.

3dmark oc

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