MSI Z170A GAMING M5 (LGA1151) Motherboard Review

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Memory Performance

AIDA64 Engineer

In terms of memory bandwidth, the stock numbers are fairly good but it’s towards the lower end spectrum of Z170 offerings. Nevertheless, the gap is small compared to higher options and any Z170 motherboard with XMP enabled should be able to attain respectable performance.

aida 1

Overlocking the CPU allows the motherboard to fare much better and help defeat the ASUS Sabertooth Z170 S.

aida64 mem

SiSoft Sandra

The pattern in SiSoft Sandra is relatively similar and the memory performance continues to be very solid.

sand mem 1

Similarly, the overclocked results are pretty decent and there’s very little to choose between various motherboards near the mid range. Saying that, there’s room for improvement compared to the top marks.

si mem oc

Combined Latency Test

In terms of latency, the motherboard reports extremely low figures and defeats the overwhelming majority of its rivals.

mem lat

Once overclocked, the motherboard retains its excellent latency numbers and sits in joint second position.

mem lat oc

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  4. BIOS and Overclocking
  5. Software Overview
  6. CPU Performance
  7. Memory Performance
  8. Storage Performance
  9. Networking Performance
  10. Audio Performance
  11. Power Consumption
  12. Final Thoughts
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