MSi 970A SLI Krait Edition Motherboard Review

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Software Overview

So the manufacturer’s point of difference is not only the components it uses, but also what it can offer the user during day-to-day use. MSi, like others, offer many different programs for you to choose from once set up which can help to make your life a little easier. Usually these programs are useless, offering bloatware or some pretty pointless programs that you wouldn’t normally download. MSi used to be the same, but have now changed and have tuned the software on offer to be extremely useful.

First up is the MSi Command Center. This is the performance tweaking and analysis side of the MSi utilities, allowing you to increase or even decrease clock speeds, fan speeds or even set up a RAMDisk. The first page takes you to the Fan speed and CPU frequency.


Next are the RAM and IGP frequencies. These are bundled onto the same page despite being on separate tabs.


The RAMDisk is a very simple tool to create and run an extremely fast storage feature from your unused RAM.


Last up is the OC Genie, this is a one-stop shop for overclocking; although despite how far technology has come, features like this still don’t yield the full overclocking potential that the CPU has. This feature works even if you do not have the OC Genie button on your motherboard (MSi motherboards only).


Then we have a very small application, Fast Boot. This has just 2 functions, to boot into BIOS at the next reset; which can prove invaluable if you have a faulty keyboard and to fast boot, does exactly what it says on the tin.


Then we have Live Update 6. This is the heart and soul of the MSi utilities and drivers. A simple click can reveal what BIOS, utilities and/ or drivers are missing from your current install. This does require the internet but can prove extremely useful for new users.

Live update




Last up is Network Genie. This feature has one function, to get the maximum internet speed through prioritising your current workload and what applications are using the internet.




Article Index

  1. Introduction, Specifications and Packaging
  2. A Closer Look & Layout Analysis
  3. The Test System and Test Software
  4. BIOS and Overclocking
  5. Software Overview
  6. CPU Performance
  7. GPU Performance
  8. Memory Performance
  9. SATA, M.2 and USB Performance
  10. Networking Performance
  11. Audio Performance
  12. Power Consumption
  13. Final Thoughts
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  • Avatar Timothy williams says:

    I i am having an issue mine it is overheating but the rest of the PC is a nice 30c.

    My specs are:
    AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor 4.00Ghz
    Ram: 8.00Gb
    64-bit operating system
    Sapphire Radeon R7 260X 2GB OC

    HELP plz

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