Moscase: The Swiss Army Knife iPhone Case

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The typical phone case is just a piece of hardened plastic that wraps around the edges of your phone to add a bit of protection. Okay some have a little kick stand or card pockets to add a tiny bit more functionality, but the end result is the same.

Moscase however, is a $150,000 crowdfunded initiative that looks to make a simple case for the iPhone 6 and 6Plus. This simple case then has a removable backplate to expand the functionality of what was once a simple phone case.

The idea is to keep the phone as a phone, but the case as a sort of swiss army knife, where you can swap the back for something else; such as additional speakers, a breathalyser or solar charger.

“The device comes in two parts. The bumper without a backplate can sense your pulse, temperature, and body impedance AKA how fat you are. It costs $129 and comes with a “passive” backplate. A model with one “active” backplate costs $219. I think the e-ink solution is the coolest, allowing you to read on the back of your phone, saving your battery for more important work.”


This sounds like a bit of an attempt of trying to make the iPhone something that can compete with Project Ara.

Would you be willing to shell out that sort of money for a phone case? What about the practicality of carrying around all those additional backplates? Let us know in the comments.

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