Miss Disposable Cameras? WhiteAlbum For iOS is For You

by - 6 years ago


Do you miss the days of disposable cameras? The times that meant the picture you took was the picture you got? Well, a new iOS app might be just for you.

WhiteAlbum aims to bring back some of the excitement and mystery of film by making picture taking really important. After taking your picture, you get no chance to see it again, that’s unless you order prints of them. Yes, the photos you take are final and are not transferred to your camera roll. Instead they get sent off to a server for printing – just like the good old days (except the server part).

Another big part of taking pictures before digital was the cost – each picture you took cost you money. For 24 of those prints, that’ll cost you $20; a far cry from today’s trigger happy picture taking.

The app on the other hand is available for free from the iOS App Store.

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2 Comments on Miss Disposable Cameras? WhiteAlbum For iOS is For You

  • Avatar Jordan Kytyn Benns says:

    i’m not feeling this one, just seems really, really backwards to me…

    • Avatar sharrongingerncd says:

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