Minecraft’s 1.9 Update Brings a Lot of New Features to the Title

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Minecraft’s 1.9 Update has been recently revealed at MineCon in London, bringing a lot of changes and new features to the title. Dubbed ‘The Combat Update’, it adds a lot of changes to the combat system and some other new cool items such as shields.

One of the main combat features highlighted in the update is the ability to dual-wield weapons. This ability apparently got everyone hyped, but who wouldn’t be, since the feature now adds support of holding different items in both your hands. Also, it is said if you hold a map in one hand while having something else in another, a new minimap will be displayed to aid you in navigation.

Shields are another addition to the title, having the ability to craft and customize their banners. However, no details were given out on what is required to craft or customize their banners.

Since we talked about crafting, it is worth pointing out that new potions were added as well, all with their own unique abilities, including potions that can be added on arrow tips. It is said that there are potions that help you mark and display enemies’ position, even behind walls, as well as other great potions that may aid you in your quests.

Lastly, the biggest overhaul comes with the patch is a new world named The End, adding a much dangerous and mysterious area for users to explore. An exclusive enemy added along with the world is a purple mob that can shoot fire missiles. The interesting bit is that if you get hit by one of the latter missiles, you begin to levitate.

Other things players will see in The End are corals, which players can use to create items, various islands to add alongside the main one, and a lot of dungeons for players to raid and get prepped for the Ender-Dragon.

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3 Comments on Minecraft’s 1.9 Update Brings a Lot of New Features to the Title

  • Avatar ZomBie says:

    how about the migration from java to c++ ? no? then why would I care.

  • Avatar Jeff Ward says:

    Um.. The End has been around for years.

  • Avatar TechnoMasterBoy says:

    This all smells fishy, “New world named “The End”” “A purple mob that can shoot fire missiles”, really?… And shields now? Is this gonna be just another FPS of some kind instead of a good building game?

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