Microsoft Xbox Next “Durango” Will Be “Always On, Always Connected”.

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The Xbox Development Kit or XDK for short, the development kit software behind Microsoft next console outing, currently codenamed “Durango” has had quite a big leak this week. While this isn’t normally anything that fancy, it has revealed some very interesting specifications (or should we say, capabilities?) for the next gen console, some of them quite worrying indeed.

From the new screenshots of the XDK we see that the hardware capabilities of the new Xbox are quite interesting indeed, an always on internet connection, mandatory HDD installs, blu-ray?

VGLeaks let the cat out of the bag on this one, and while they have had a bit of hit and miss with rumours in the past, they’ve been pretty much bang on the money with recent console leaks and information. Add to this that industry insiders are confirming this is the XDK, but of course, we can’t tell you who those people are, its a secret.


Aside from featuring 50GB blu-ray disc capability, rumoured always on internet connection requirements (not likely, regardless of what other sites say), HDD installs for games, there are two other major features, the first is multiple power states, that will allow the console to have an effective standby mode that can handle downloads, enable “instant on” style features and it would certainly live up to the always connected ideals that seem to be floating around.

Source: VGLeaks

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  • crazy so the console has no drive for in put .you have to input from computer or external drive taking up space on your computer ?? always on line can never sell back games??? well its what they have done on computer based games already . hope they will discount a drive for you to import your games and take them with you ??? if this is so sounds cool but still giving into big brother to control our gaming profiles

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