Microsoft Confirm Ability to Clean Install Windows 10

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If you are an enthusiast, you know to gain the best performance out of your new operating system is to complete a fresh install. This removes any possible problems that have occurred during the time in use and gives you a clean slate to work on.

The problem is, whenever Microsoft has released a new version of Windows with a free upgrade option, that is all it is; an upgrade. This is enough to put most users off from upgrading to the newest operating system even though it proves massive performance gains.

Now Gabe Aul has confirmed that the upgrade will also work as an ISO to be able to perform a clean install. This will come as welcome news to a great proportion of the community who will want to wipe clean their storage drives to get the best possible performance.

This upgrade will be free for Windows 7/8/8.1 users for one year after release on June 29th. Just remember to check the compatibility of your hardware with Windows 10.

I’m personally looking forward to Windows 10, the start menu will be warmly welcomed back, although Candy Crush will be uninstalled almost instantly. Will you be upgrading? Let us know in the comments.

Thank you to ArsTechnica for providing us with this information.

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23 Comments on Microsoft Confirm Ability to Clean Install Windows 10

  • Charlie Cox says:

    Yeah I will probably give it a fresh install myself.

  • COMMICZAR says:

    Yeh , booked it already

  • Niall Love says:

    How do you do a clean install of windows 10? please keep simple thanks

    • wilsonjonathan says:

      I’m guessing the “upgrade” will come as a single compressed file, or files, that can be extracted and burnt to disk or will install over the top with no further fiddling around. I’m also guessing that if burnt to disk and clean installed it will require the original cd key and/or test for an original media cd before allowing a clean install. A further guess is that a lot of the additional windows programs that are not installed, or not required, by default will be downloads separate from the “cd” so its not a huge gigabyte download in one hit.

      • wilsonjonathan says:

        To expand on the “separate downloads” bit… I guess it will be more like a Linux (debian) “net install” where only the barest minimum is in the download, just enough to get up and running with all the other windows supplied programs optional with an automatic download/install when first used.

    • WTF says:

      Probably a extractable that you can use to make a bootable USB pen drive etc. Works fine with Win7-> so why not 🙂

  • maforduk says:

    Fresh install for me 🙂 @disqus_F4fZp6pj64:disqus I presume it will give you the option to download it as an ISO so that it can be used on a virtual drive or you can create a CD/DVD with it just like you bought it from a shop 🙂

    • tomekkk1 says:

      I just mention the fresh install takes much less space, as there is no huge amount of files of our previous OS kept on C drive in case of roll back…

  • Júlio Sencadas says:

    Clean install, upgrades allways have fuckups in the way…

  • Jeff Ward says:

    ” although Candy Crush will be uninstalled almost instantly” Do you really have so little storage space you have to go uninstalling tiny little games like that that come with the OS? It isn’t even worth the effort… just ignore its existence.

  • Niall Love says:

    I take it the ISO version doesn’t have the drivers with it, so I would have to go to device manager first and write down all the drivers I will need and go to the different web sites to get them?
    Thanks for all your replies

    • WTF says:

      windows have generic drivers for most things, others can be downloaded from manufacturers website or elsewhere.

      • Niall Love says:

        So write down all my drivers from DM and then download the drivers for my PC on to a disc then I have for each time I do a fresh install on my pc using an ISO disc.
        Any I miss windows will pick up hopefully
        Thank you everyone

    • You can build on blank DVD disc and on USB flash drive to store different operating system and drivers in different folders would help us where to get right way.


      |DELL (folder)
      ||-OS (folder)
      ||-Drivers (folder)
      ||HP (folder)
      ||-OS (folder)
      ||-Drivers (folder)

      and keep go on.. There are a lot of brand names of computers and operating system list. Not so hard to do like that.

  • Dicehunter says:

    So will my windows 8.1 key, After upgrading work for the ISO ? I thought Windows 8.1 keys were one use ?

    • Will Lyon says:

      You can use the same key multiple times as long as it’s only one PC at a time. For instance I have a system for hardware reviews and I’m always reinstalling W8.1. I’m never running two PC’s with the same key at the same time though

      • Dicehunter says:

        Thanks for the reply, I’ve gotten mixed answers but will I have to phone MS or even after many uses is it auto activated ?

    • WTF says:

      After they started using UEFI instead of bios the key is stored there, atleast on the laptops ive been working with. No need to enter keys.

  • Conservative411 says:

    I don’t know why anyone would think you couldn’t do this. Since Windows 8 there is Reset This PC option in recovery. Even if you did an upgrade you would still be able to reset Windows.

  • Don’t forget backup your operating system keys and activation first!!!

    You need go to internet – search on Ixquick or Google then look for Josh Cell Softwares – Freeware Solutions | Amazing Products. Go there now. Then you need download Advanced Tokens Manager – The Activation Backup Solution to get your operating system key and backup your activation on usb flash drive or other storage (I recommend you to do two backup separate on different storage for our future need to repair!!!). When you finish backup and you are good to go! I told you not so hard do like that! Easy like cake! 😉

    Step 1: Use free program name is IM-Magic, then partition your hard drive to reduce GB on your C: and make storage like B: or another letter path. If you saw Recovery there, leave alone, don’t delete it!

    Step 2: Then do make image of your operating system by use two or more software like Acronis or AX64 Time Machine, etc on your hard drive – different partition.

    Step 3: Don’t forget Windows OS ISO and drivers on your hard drive – other partition to keep them!

    Step 4: Format hard drive C: only!!!

    Step 5: Install different operating system then drivers you like to test them.

    Step 6: If you don’t like it, format C: again by use DVD or recovery or other partition on your hard drive to restore your OS back.


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