Meet The Electric Car With More Power Than a Bugatti Veyron

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Meet the Quant F – a German supercar with a difference. It’s electric, but certainly isn’t your average EV. It produces the equivalent of 1075 bhp – more than the Bugatti Veyron.

What’s being billed as Germany’s answer to Tesla, nanoFlowcell, the company behind this beast, will be revealing this new car at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. It’s unprecedented for an EV, as it has a top speed of 186mph and a range of 500 miles. Yes – an electric car that can go 500 miles without a charge.

It’s powered in an interesting way too – it does not use electricity from a standard wall socket, it uses two ionic fluids that create a chemical reaction producing an electric charge. The fluids themselves are not dangerous in anyway to the occupants, meaning it can be stored throughout the car – not just in a separate tank.


The technology used in this car is unprecedented – now all we need to see is if it really works.

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2 Comments on Meet The Electric Car With More Power Than a Bugatti Veyron

  • Avatar Richard Bensley says:

    I think electric vehicles can be the way forward for everyday use, people that dont use cars for anything other than to get from one place to another, it will allow us in the future to not rely on petrol cars for the menial tasks and reduce our carbon footprint, it will however allow those of us that love driving just for the sake of driving to keep doing it for centuries to come, no longer wasting the fuel for normal travel, but to hear a v10 pumping away as you put your foot down, its great for everyone, and when theres no more fuel, we can still drive, all at a limited capacity

    • Avatar Kryojenix says:

      …Except if there’s no mass usage economy of scale for fuel production, you can expect petrol to become obscenely expensive. Best be designing some high-revving biodiesel sportscars …
      …or actually, I’m sure you can buy a 100% convincing synthetic sound including seat cushion thrumming subwoofer to pipe this feeling into your ultra-high torque fully electric vehicle.
      Trust me, if the performance is there, you won’t miss the fuel source.

      Also – Quant? Are they related to the BMW owners, the Quandt family?

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