Man Hacks TV Into A Smart TV With Raspberry Pi

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2013-11-16 23.12.50

Smart TV is still a popular buzz word for TV manufacturers, and for the most part it revolves around the TV being internet connected to serve up apps such as streaming services, Facebook, DLNA features etc. DroidBuild user ‘Carnivore’ wanted a slick smart TV, but wanted to bring the price down by doing a self build.

By taking a fairly standard LED display from Hisense, he stripped out the TV speaker and crammed in the ever popular Raspberry Pi computer, which as many of you will know, is about the size of a cigarette packet. Naturally this is a sure fire way to void your warranty.

2013-11-16 22.14.32

Using a 3D printer to create a custom faceplate for the Raspberry Pi so that it matches the edge of the TV, as well as an install of Raspbmc that can take advantage of the newly installed Ethernet USB ports, infrared adapter and a new external speaker output (vital given that the user removed the built-in speakers).

It’s not the first time someone has hooked a Raspberry Pi to a TV, but most users just stick it on the back of the screen, this is the first time we’ve seen someone integrate the whole thing and the end result is rather cool.

Thank you Droid Build for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Droid Build.

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