Man Arrested by UK Police Over Twitter Joke

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Glasgow helicopter crash

A man who joked on Twitter about the recent crash of a refuse truck into a hotel lobby has been arrested by UK police over the tweet. The unnamed 19-year-old man handed himself into Northumbria Police over a tweet, now deleted, that read:

So a bin lorry has apparently driven in 100 people in Glasgow eh, probably the most trash it’s picked up in one day.

Northumbria Police say that the man was arrested on suspicion of making malicious communication. He has been bailed while the investigation continues.

Before the arrest, Steve Kuncewisz, a media law solicitor, agreed that the tweet could constitute an offence under the Communications Act, but added that responses to the original tweet, which included abuse and threats, could also be deemed as similar offences.

“The wisdom of the crowd is not always present in situations like this. And the wisdom of this one guy seems to have deserted him. But whether or this would justify an arrest of prosecution, I’m not so sure,” Kuncewisz said.

Source: Huffington Post


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8 Comments on Man Arrested by UK Police Over Twitter Joke

  • Avatar I-RIGHT-I says:

    Arrested for a joke? Yep, that sounds exactly right. Obama does that too.

  • Avatar Evan Warnock says:

    wow and yet companies like Sony have to BEG twitter to take action against illegal stuff, and this? fail lol

  • Avatar DABhand says:

    Send him back to Poland if he thinks trash lives in my country, lets see how it likes it going back there.

    • Avatar Jordan Kytyn Benns says:

      Read the article, the one who posted the tweet hasn’t been named. Take your prejudice elsewhere mate.

      • Avatar DABhand says:

        Actually he was named, try again mate. (addendum the article has changed, they removed the name. But his Polish lawyer is still named.)

        And I wasn’t being prejudiced, I simply stated he should be sent back if he thinks it is only trash in this country, i.e. he is the racist and should be sent back which he wouldn’t want because there is a reason why he moved away from there.

        You have to learn the difference between being prejudiced and making a statement showing what I said above in the last paragraph.

      • Avatar DABhand says:

        I stand corrected, I saw the lawyers name. But the guy’s name is Ross Loraine.

        But I wasn’t being prejudiced, if a Polish guy who has come from Poland to the UK calls it’s certain population “trash” then he should be sent back, he would quickly change his tune and remember why he left there in the first place. But as said it wasn’t a Polish guy.

        There is a difference between being prejudiced and making a valid statement.

  • Avatar ChiGurh18 says:

    Wow. Just wow. If we had the MCA here in America, everyone would be arrested. Apparently, being a indirect jackass is an arrestable offense in the UK, but hey, they still think having royalty is something to be proud of.

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