Made In Creative UK Gains The Support Of Over 100 Companies

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Made in Creative UK, the initiative which aims to highlight and celebrate video games produced in the UK and the people behind them, is proud to announce the support of over 100 development studios from all over the UK.

Launched back in May, the campaign invites participants to display the Made in Creative UK logo in their games to raise public awareness of the long and proud tradition of game development in the UK, and which is responsible for some of best-selling and highest grossing games in the world.

Philip Oliver, CEO, Blitz Games Studios: “We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive reception Made in Creative UK has had, not just developers but from the industry as a whole. With over 100 supporters signed up this is a fantastic first step in raising the awareness of the economic and cultural contribution of the UK games sector to the global games industry. Our next goal is to ensure the logo is proudly displayed on as many developer websites and qualifying games as possible.”

The initiative is open to all game developers; in order to qualify 50% or more of the creative labour of the project needs to have been produced in the UK. Developers can obtain the logo from the Made in Creative UK website.

Made in Creative UK has the backing of key government and industry figures, including Ed Vaizey MP, Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries: “The UK has a proud history of video game production and it’s wonderful to see the industry exploring ways in which Britain’s contributions to the worldwide market can be both acknowledged and celebrated.”

Over 100 developers, large and small, have pledged their support to the campaign so far including Mind Candy, Ninja Theory and The Chinese Room. A full list of current supporters can be found here.

Thank you Made In Creative UK for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Made In Creative UK.

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