Macworld/iWorld Postponed in 2015

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IDG have just announced that their Macworld/iWorld Expo has been put into a hiatus, cancelling plans for their 2015 event which was set for San Francisco.

Originally starting in 1985, this event has been held annually to varying degrees of success but has forever stood as one of the major Mac-based trade shows hosted globally.

There has unfortunately been a steadily reported decline in popularity in recent times of this once very popular event, with Apple pulling out in 2009 and many vendors following suit. To put it bluntly, one observer ‘dwman’ commented on MacRumors: “Sadly, the writing has been on the wall since Apple pulled out. Unfortunately, 10 booths with different iphone cases wasn’t going to cut it long term. It was fun while it lasted. :(“

The official release from Macrworld/iWorld reads:

“Macworld/iWorld will not take place in 2015 and the show is going on hiatus. The show saw a remarkable 30 year run that changed the technology industry, provided an important forum for Apple developers to bring new companies and products to market, delivered world-class professional development to Apple product enthusiasts, and fostered the development of one of the most dynamic professional communities in the tech marketplace.”

With crowds no longer being drawn by the live release of new Apple products, the numbers have seen a massive dip in previous years. However, although reportedly laying off editorial staff and cancelling its print magazine, Macworld/iWorld have used the word “hiatus” which hints the possibility of a return in the future.

Were you looking forward to attending this event? If not, what exactly would draw you back to something like this?

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