Luxa2 H4 iPad Holder Review

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[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]After recently aquring an iPad, my first point of call was to get hold of some useful accessories and whilst number one was always going to be a screen protector, number two would be a case to keep things protected and number three was naturally going to be a stand that makes the iPad look cool on my desk, as i write this review.

Looking around at different brands and styles of stand, I instantly knew that it would be the Luxa2 range of holders and the H4 just screamed out with style and elegance.

The iPad holder has a brushed aluminium solid base which features a set of rubber strips on the bottom to protect the surface that it sits on, such as your desk.

Moving further up the base we find a small opening that allows your relevant iPad cables to be passed through for some sufficient cable management.

The cradle part that holds your iPad certainly has a unique design which can be rotated and tilted to suit the user to get the perfect angle for you. This is especially handy when watching media of any kind as it allows you to put the iPad into landscape mode for widescreen movies and by tilting back and forth, it allows you to get the right viewing angle for the best possible experience.

The cradle aspect has a black rubber base that cushions your iPad and provides extra protection to the metal surface of your tablet.

Each arm has a rubber peg at the end to prevent your iPad from being scratched and can also accommodate iPads that have protective cases around them as a lot of holders have difficulty in this area as they are made specifically for a certain size unit, though this isn’t the case with the H4.


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Due to the way that the arms are spaced out, the relevant ports and buttons that the iPad includes on the side of the unit are still easily accessible.

The thing that we like more than anything else, is the hinged action that allows you to flips the complete unit over which is especially handy when playing games like Battleships or when you may be wanting to show a friend something. It also allows you to sit the unit flat so you can play other games like chess, where you can both see the action and what’s going on.

The main thing that stands out with the H4 is the sheer durability and how stable it feels. It sits proud on your desk and feels very solid and there is no fear of your iPad falling out, as even though the grip sensation doesn’t feel fantastic

Looking at the value side of things, at around £40, it’s not the cheapest accessory in the world but it is competitively priced compared to other iPad holders, such as the leather style case/holders or the normal desktop holders, much like this one.

The difference with this one from Luxa2 is that it seems to offer a lot more stability and a bigger sense of style too. Compared to other units on the market, it seems to just have that extra build quality and look much better with the brushed aluminium finish. Though a lot of people won’t be blown away by the creature like design of the cradle, we can’t help but admire it and that’s a winner in our books.


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