Logitech Performance MX Mouse Review

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[wpcol_1half id=”” class=”” style=””]Logitech have always held a soft spot in my heart and being honest I’m a bit of a Logitech whore when it comes down to it. They in my opinion make some of the greatest peripherals on the market, hence why my desk is rocking a Logitech keyboard, mouse, set of headphones and the amazing and inspiring Z5500 speakers.

Whilst my MX1000 has served the last 5 years with greatness, it’s not going to last forever and with new technologies being invested into products such as mice, I knew that it was time to upgrade. The next logical step for me, really seemed to be the Performance MX. It simply does everything the MX1000 does, but better and with more style.

After seeing many of my colleagues using this exact mouse, I already knew what to expect as I delved into it. The usual installation guide and software came included as we expect with any Logitech product.

Also included is a pouch for when you’re on the move and the relevant cables for charging the mouse and a simple USB extender for the unifying receiver.

The mouse certainly is stylish and follows on the traditional colours from previous Logitech products, much like the MX1000. The mouse is curved so that it fits into your hand comfortably and allows for the best ergonomic feel. Personally, I love the feel of the mouse and find it extremely comfortable, even after long periods.


Due to the new and improved, Darkfield technology, the mouse can be used on almost any surface including glass and the improved feet allow for a smooth, gliding feeling when in us. This is especially shown off when using on a gaming surface, much like my XtracPads Riper XXL and shows the true responsiveness of the mouse, even at lower and higher DPI settings.

Due to the type of user I am, I found the mouse was perfect in all aspects of use, including gameplay and general desktop work. Due to the included buttons on the left side of the mouse, it made multi-tab browsing  simple and gave that extra functionality that other mice are missing.

The top of the mouse includes the normal two button approach with a scroll wheel between which can also be pivoted side to side and also used as another button that presses in. Just behind this is another button that allows the scroller to free scroll or to scroll in stages.

Compared to older products from Logitech that incorporate a docking station to charge, the Performance MX does things a bit differently by fixating a charging port to the front of the mouse for simplicity.

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By ditching the docking station and going with this idea allows the mouse to be converted from being wireless to wired so that you never miss out on vital moments, such as gaming, when you need a mouse the most.

When using wirelessly, the cable can just sit idle on your desk, until needed again, but simply is a brilliant idea so that you’re never without use of your mouse and doesn’t need you to dock your mouse every night.

Software wise, I’ve never been a big fan of the bundled software, and today is no different with the Logitech SetPoint application suite. It’s quite bland, simple and with two other Logitech products by my side, my computer seems to be bloated with the stuff.

The software is quite extensive, even though it may not look it at first, with the ability to change buttons, set profiles and also having the ability to pair other devices to the Unifying Receiver, is always a bonus.

On top of all of this, the software is handy with notifying you about the battery and when you need to plug it in, and just having that on its own is a great feature in itself.

I’ve been now using this mouse for a few days and instantly took to it, as it was very much similar to what I’ve had in the past. Due to this, the overall feel and design was welcomed from me with open arms and I instantly knew what each and every button did, straight out of the box.

At £64.74 it’s not the cheapest mouse on the market, but it’s also not a cheap product in general and that is reflected in the price. The material used, including the rubber thumb rest gives a great sense of comfort and build quality that we’ve come to expect from Logitech products and feature wise, it seems as though the Performance MX has everything you need, and nothing more, which is great if you’re after a simple product that does exactly what it’s set out to do.

For anyone wanting a simple mouse that is light-weight, works on almost any surface and can be easily transported; then the Performance MX is definitely the one to buy.


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1 Comment on Logitech Performance MX Mouse Review

  • Avatar Graphic Artist says:

    I have one of these and one of the older versions.
    I like having a docking station to charge the mouse with the older version, and find the usb cable difficult to attach and annoying to use. With this mouse I tend to use it until it stops working and then have to dig out the cable and plug it into the awkwardly placed slot(s). Missing out on those “vital moments, such as gaming” (if I gamed with it).

    Other than charging it, I like the improved feel and performance over the older model.

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