Lian-Li PC-X510 WX Mid-Tower Chassis Review

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The side panels of the X510 pop right off, without the need for tools. This is great for those who need to regularly access the interior of the chassis for maintenance, swapping drives and more. As you can see, the interior is pretty spacious, and there’s a very large cut-out behind the motherboard to assist with mounting a CPU cooler, as well as a series of grommets around the edges to help with cable management.


The PSU is mounted in the base of the chassis and there’s a lot of space, suited to both larger PSUs as well as providing extra space for excess cables, something that will greatly benefit those using a non-modular unit.


There’s a sort of shroud over the PSU, which helps keep the build looking neat and tidy, but it also provides room for a couple more cable routing grommets, perfectly located for the USB headers of your motherboard. There’s also a range of slot-in mounting holes, which can be used to mount two 2.5″ or 3.5″ drives; this can be done using the included screws and rubber grommets that allow you to slot the drives onto the mountings.


Cooling is a serious thing for this chassis, with a towering wall of 3 x 120mm fans, which come mounted on a single removable bracket that is held in place by two thumb screws, allowing for quick and easy maintenance of each.


You can easily lift the whole thing out, allowing you to do what you need to do with the fans.


All three fans are high-end Jamicon sleeve bearing 12V models.


The fan blades are removable too, making cleaning them a much easier task.


There’s yet another Jamico 120mm fan in the back, and a further one in the top HDD compartment of the chassis; that’s five in total.


The expansion slots are plentiful, giving you more than enough bays for multiple expansion cards, crossfire and SLI configurations as you require them. Each bay is equipped with a removable cover, as well as easily accessible thumb screws.


The top compartments 120mm fan, and you’ll notice now that all five of the pre-installed fans comes with a removable fan guard, which is perfect for preventing any loose cables from getting jammed into the blades.


There a two-tier hard drive tray in the top compartment, with key-hole slots for quick mounting and release of your drives. There’s support for both 2.5″ and 3.5″ drives and the whole unit can be removed using the thumb screws for easy access and maintenance.


There’s ventilation at the front, allowing airflow from the filtered intakes on the edges of the front panel of the chassis, and remember that this section has its own exhaust fan, so cooling for your drives should be very good.


Behind the motherboard, a staggering amount of space for cable management, giving you easy access to any of the routing grommets, the hard drive bay and more.


Tucked away at the top rear of the chassis, a small PCB with four fan headers. This PCB is powered by a Molex adapter and allows you to use the fan speed control dial on the back of the chassis.


There are a few cables from the front I/O, including those two thick USB 3.0 cables, but there’s a nice cable clip helping keep things neat and tidy.


Finally, here are the two side panels, which you can clearly see are quite unique in shape. Each is cut to allow airflow to the side ventilation and there’s a small lip at the back, which allows a good grip point for removing the panels from the chassis.


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