Lian Li PC-Q30 Aluminium Mini ITX Tower Chassis Review

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You can always count on Lian Li to do something a little different, this year alone we’ve seen a chassis that looks like a brief case, another that looks like a train and now we have one here today that looks like a cross between an ATM machine and a CRT monitor! And while of course they make “normal” cases as well, it is never a dull day to see something unique come through the eTeknix office and since I absolutely loved the CK101 (train) and the TU100 (brief case), I really can’t wait to see what this new one has to offer.

Lian Li have a rock solid fan base and while their products are often a little more expensive than most other brands, it is often for good reason. They’ve proven time and time again that their build quality is world-class, their engineering is impeccable and their use of beautifully finished aluminium panels is unmatched and I’ll be expecting the same high standards from this chassis that I have seen from other parts of the Lian Li range.

There is no doubt this is a specialist product, it is strange, obscure and even a little expensive for what it is, but the question remains, is it worth it? Well let’s get right to the good stuff and see if we can find out!

The packaging is fairly standard, with a spec sheet on one side (see above) and a mock-up image of the general design of the front.


The instruction booklet is fairly simple to understand and Lian Li have bundled a few screws needed to fully install all your components, a few cable ties, an internal speaker as well as a USB 3.0 to 2.0 converter.


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  • Avatar Name says:

    Yeah, a mITX case with the dimensions of almost an ATX case. Plus it is ugly.
    They really should lay off the dope…

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