LG Slash Price Of Curved OLED TV, Same It’s Still Crazy Expensive

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When we were at CES 2013 and more recently, CES 2014, we saw endlessly impressive curved OLED displays that were nothing short of amazing to look at, yet the only that that made our jaws drop even further were the prices being asked for these digital behemoths. Prices were often in the region of $15,000 to $40,000 for some of the latest displays and that meant that mean mortals would likely never see one.

More recently we’ve seen LG’s first commercial OLED TV take a massive price drop from $15,000 down to just $10,000. That’s still an insane amount of money for a TV, but still makes a 1/3 price drop for the set, not a discount to be sniffed at. Yet with five figures still in the price tag it was clear that the technology still had a long way to develop before it reached the level of your average consumer. Now LG have slashed the price of their 55″ curved display once again, bringing the price down to $7000 (after an instant $1000 rebate).

$7000 is still damn expensive, but at least the displays are now down to the same level as the early 3DTV models, give it another year and we should be looking at less than half of that price for the curved display. Yet as long as you can pick up a bigger 4K display without a curved screen for less money and the curved OLED, we suspect that even enthusiasts will be feeling more inclined to keep their screens curve free.

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1 Comment on LG Slash Price Of Curved OLED TV, Same It’s Still Crazy Expensive

  • Avatar Skidmarks says:

    From $15000 to $10000 to $7000. At least we’re making a bit of headway now. Give it another 2-3 years and they’ll be dirt cheap… OK maybe not dirt cheap (what is?) but more affordable to the fellow whose name isn’t Rockefeller. 🙂

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