LEGO Hyrule Castle Took Two Years to Build

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The term ‘superfan’ – like ‘genius’, ‘legend’, and ‘reboot’ – is oft overused, but in the case of Joseph Zawarda could be well deserved. Legend of Zenda fanatic Zawarda spent two-and-a-half years building a scaled replica of Hyrule Castle from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess from LEGO. The brick sculpture, unveiled at LEGO-fest BrickFair in Virginia, is so huge that it requires two cars just to move it.

YouTube channel Beyond the Brick interviewed Zawarda about his audacious creations. Some facts gleaned from the interview:

  • Zawarda struggled most with the design of the roof, since he had to develop a way to make blocky LEGO bricks appear curved. He considers the top of the roof the most difficult part to construct;
  • A large portion of the two-and-a-half year building process was dedicated to the castle’s greenery, since Zawarda wanted the surrounding to look “as organic as possible”;
  • He used parts from multiple existing LEGO castle sets, as well as some LEGO Technic pieces for the mechanical drawbridge, but had to order a number of specific pieces from Scandinavia via LEGO trading site bricklink;
  • The castle can be broken down into 40 pieces for transport, which Zawarda spread between two cars to transport to the BrickFair event.

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More of Zawarda’s LEGO Zelda recreations can be found on his Flickr page.

Thank you Gizmodo for providing us with this information.

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