LEETGION Hellion Mechanical Gaming Mouse Review

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Not many people have heard of the brand LEETGION – an off-shoot of ThermalRight, who are much more well known for their quality CPU coolers. Similar to EpicGear  who are GEIL’s gaming peripheral branch, LEETGION’s core focus is on top performing and innovative products in the gaming arena. This is what LEETGION have to say about themselves:

In the world of RPG games, the Anvil figure represents your weapons and armor shop, the place where you repair or upgrade your gear to face the challenges of the next level.  In the real world, the Anvil has also been presented since the early days and throughout human history in one form or another.  It is the essential instrument needed to hammer out impurities, with skill and patience, and to refine the very tools we use.  At LEETGION, we focus on making the best “tools” for gamers, to help their pursuit in becoming leet.  We at LEETGION view ourselves as weapon smiths, in a digital gaming armory.  Hammering away at impurities of design and quality, to deliver the best products we can!  Be Leet, Game Hard!

Currently LEETGION’s range only consists of the one product we have in today, but they already have two others pending launch (expect to see them soon). Judging from their philosophy we hope to see these products raise the bar in terms of quality and innovation throughout the gaming peripheral’s market. What we have in to review on this rainy day, is the first product to be released by LEETGION – the Hellion gaming mouse. With this rather unusual looking mouse, LEETGION have taken a leaf out of the mechanical keyboard’s book and actually included a Cherry MX blue switch. The Hellion is targeted primarily towards RTS games, but more precisely StarCraft II, which has had a heavy influence on the design and functionality.

We’ve seen all sorts of features being packed in to today’s gaming mice, from LCD screens, to weight management systems, so seeing this unheard of addition of a mechanical keyboard switch certainly makes things interesting. What we are more concerned about is the overall performance of the mouse, and whether this new button will make any difference. With increasingly popular eSports it’s a necessity to have the best performing gear if you want to compete and with LEETGION today, they say they have provided the right tools for the job. As always, lets take a look at the Hellion on paper:


  • Avago 9500 Laser Mouse Sensor (100 to 5000DPI)
  • Four Japanese Omron Micro Switches
  • Cherry MX Key Switch Attack Button.
  • Six Fully Programmable Hotkeys.
  • Four Custom Profiles sets.
  • Four distinct LED lighting cues, for indication of the current profile.
  • Customizable 16.8 million color LED taillight for each profile.
  • On The Fly DPI Switching.
  • Size: 123 mm
  • 4.84” (Length) x 73 mm \ 2.87” (Width) x 42 mm \1.65” (Height)
  • Weight: 105 g / 0.23 lbs

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