Leaked Images Reveal Nokia Android-Powered Smartphone UI

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A few weeks back, @evleaks released a screenshot of a Nokia handset codenamed Normandy, which was said that will run on a modified version of Android OS. The handset specs were rumored to be fairly mid range, though it remains to be seen what the actual specs will be. However, it appears that we get more insights on the handset’s UI from @evleaks again, with the addition of three more screenshots detailing the UI look.

The device has just one physical button, which looks like a back button. Other than that the user interface will rely on on-screen navigation keys. In the pictures we can see Viber running, Skype running and the lock screen. The phone is a dual SIM according to the icons on the notification bar.

The user interface looks like a cross between the Asha UI and stock Android. To be honest it doesn’t look that bad. Nokia has never been known for their software aesthetic sense, but this looks like a rather impressive attempt. Now we will just have to see if the handset will actually be released.

Thank you Chip Loco for providing us with this information
Image courtesy of @evleaks

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1 Comment on Leaked Images Reveal Nokia Android-Powered Smartphone UI

  • Alistair Hardy says:

    Looks like a half way mark between Win8 Mobile and Android.
    Not sure if i like it really, also not a fan of the general look of Nokia phones at the moment, they look like something my younger sister would like though

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