Lamptron Unveil FC5V3 Fan Controller

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Review Available Here.


Lamptron has really been stepping up their game recently producing fan controllers at a quicker than usual rate. Their most recent fan controller was the Lamptron CW611 which we reviewed here but today we have been informed of a new product release by Lamptron, the FC5V3 fan controller.


As the images suggest this unit uses a wide screen LCD display in the 5.25 inch form factor. Furthermore we have six channels supporting up to 30W each fed by fully sleeved fan cables.


The main new feature though is the ability to choose between 16 colours on the LCD display to personalise your rig. The CNC milled aluminium face plate also tops off the rather awesome looking design.lamptron_fc5v3_3Lamptron have provided a “start boost” voltage that ensures all fans start at 12 volts when turned on before dropping down to their designated speed which you can choose via the kn0bs. This is to account for fans that have trouble starting and maintaining at low voltages. There are also 3 different alarm modes on the FC5V3 and I assume one of this is an off mode in case you aren’t really a fan of fan alarms.

The Lamptron FC5V3 will have an MSPR of $89 USD including VAT and should be available in some stores by the end of this week and most by the end of next week. We should definitely have a review for you guys soon.

  • 6 channels
  • 30 W per channel
  • New wide LCD display
  • 16 colors to personalize the display
  • Start boost voltage
  • Commands on the front
  • 3 different alarm modes
  • Sleeved cables
  • Black PCB
  • CNC milled aluminium face-plate

Images courtesy of Lamptron

Review Available Here.

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