Lamptron FC5V3 Six Channel Fan Controller Review

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Lamptron FC5V3 (13)

Announced just a few days ago we have managed to get our hands on a review sample of the latest Lamptron fan controller, the newly released FC5V3. This latest product from Lamptron is their second fan controller release in quick succession, the previous release was the CW611 which we reviewed here. This fan controller from Lamptron features 6 channels and wide LCD display in a 5.25 inch form factor. The rest of the key specifications can be seen below:

  • 6 channels
  • 30 W per channel
  • New wide LCD display
  • 16 colors to personalize the display
  • Start boost voltage
  • Commands on the front
  • 3 different alarm modes
  • Sleeved cables
  • Black PCB
  • CNC milled aluminium face-plate
  • MSRP $89.99 including VAT

Unlike the CW611 this new fan controller from Lamptron is mainly targeted at traditional “fan” users not water cooling enthusiasts, though you will be able to still control 3 pin pumps through this fan controller providing they operate between 0 and 12 volts. The main nifty feature of the FC5V3 is the ability to choose between 16 font colours for the LCD display which allows you to customise your builds more and match the fan controller to the main colour theme. In addition to that this fan controller introduces Lamptron’s Start Boost feature which ensures that when resuming your PC from sleep or turning it on the fans are able to start by starting them at 12 volts for 3 seconds before dropping the voltage back down to the user set level.

You can get more details about Lamptron’s FC5V3 at the product page here.

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8 Comments on Lamptron FC5V3 Six Channel Fan Controller Review

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    It’s really nice but too rich for my blood.

  • Avatar d6bmg says:

    well, that was a quick review..
    Personally I liked it very much. 6 30watt channels with individual and simultaneous control would suffice any mid or even high end rigs.

  • Avatar d6bmg says:

    Talking about price, it is a bit high, but yes, for high end builds, it is worth it’s price I think.

  • Avatar endUsr says:

    Nice, but no use to me as I want temperature-based fan control. I want to be able to set a fan running at 1,000rpm @ 25C, scaling to 2,000rpm @ 35C, for instance. To have to manually configure 6 fan speeds each time the environment/system temperatures change would be too much hassle to bother with.

    • Avatar Ryan Martin says:

      The Lamptron CW611 is pretty good for that actually. It has good target setting mechanisms. It also costs more or less the same. You may want to check that one out!

  • Avatar fraser velasco says:

    Just to clarify some things.So basically this fan controller is a voltage regulated one? and not PWM controlled? since your conclusion was turning left and it reduces the voltage and to the right more voltage is given. just saw a review of fractal adjust 108 which is also nice but 36w isn’t enough to power the AP-182 fans. and the old Fcv-5 wasn’t working with the AP-182 fans as well might i bother you to try it on the AP-182 if they can run them?

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