Kyttaro Announce New Indie Dev Grant Initiative And Latest “Bundle In A Box”

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This week, Kyttaro Games have announce another new Indie Dev Grant initiative along with their latest thematic indie bundle. Their new initiative is set to help one more indie developer or team achieve their creative goals and all of the submitted projects reach a wider audience.

Having already supported such amazing indie projects as Maia, Under the Ocean, Whispering Willows, River City Ransom: Underground, Courier of the Crypts and 99 Spirits and having helped bring more exposure to as many excellent indie games as they could, Kyttaro Games and Bundle In A Box are ready to once again accept your Indie Dev Grant submissions!

On top of that, the team have just announced their “The Indie Strategy Bundle” that will be going live shortly, with an impressive selection of indie strategy and tactical games.

“The Indie Dev Grant, that popular feature of Bundle In A Box we are most proud of, is a grant designed to help indie game developers actually create the games they’ve always wanted to. For every 100 bundles sold $15 will be added to the grant. One indie developer (be it a group or an individual) voted by the esteemed fans of Bundle in a Box will get the whole amount after the bundle ends.”

No strings will be attached by either Bundle in a Box or Kyttaro Games. The grant can be used in any way the developer that earns it sees fit and will in no way be obliged to co-operate with Kyttaro Games or Bundle in a Box.

Developers that have already taken part in one of our bundles or are willing to do so in the future are also eligible for the grant. Actually, absolutely anyone is free to enter; yes, even people trying to buy some time in order to create their next freeware gem. If you want to be part of it, you just have to make sure you are indie and submitting a game.

Thank you Kyttaro for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Kyttaro.

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