Koenigsegg’s Regera Hybrid Supercar Has 1782HP and No Gearbox

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Swedes can do a lot more than funny named furniture and advertising, they also know a thing or two about cars. The Regera is Koenigsegg’s take on a hybrid car and what an amazing piece of art it is. The Regera has a 5 litre twin-turbocharged V8, three electric motors and a Direct Drive Transmission that totally eliminates the gearbox.


The 5-litre twin-turbo V8 combustion engine makes 1085bhp at 7800rpm and that’s already pretty impressive on its own. On top of that, this marvell, three electric motors, of which one is placed on each rear wheel, make 192lb ft of torque and a third on the crankshaft making 221lb ft. These three add about 700bhp giving the Regera a whopping total of 1782bhp and 1475lb ft of torque… Wow.


The Koenigsegg Direct Drive is what really sets this car apart from anything else. Using a hydraulic clutch and the addition of electric motors the energy losses can be cut by up to 50 percent. The car starts the movement using the rear-mounted electric motors and as the speed increases the engine is brought into play with the help of the crank-mounted motor.

regera_propulsion_schematic-930x523 (1)

The Regera can do 0-100kmh in just 2.7 seconds and that is just the start. Keeping the pedal to the metal it does 0-300kmh in 12 seconds and 400kmh in under 20 seconds. That is seriously fast.

The Koenigsegg Regera doesn’t just impress on the inside, it also looks gorgeous on the outside. There are massive side scoops, an active chassis with active shock absorbers, active aero under the car and an adjustable rear wing.



This hybrid supercar won’t come cheap, as you might have guessed already. The Koenigsegg Regera will cost you around £1.2 million, but you won’t find such madness anywhere else. I wonder what infotainment system they’ll go for, Apple, Nvidia’s new systems or maybe their own creation?

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